EN Artistic Director

  • James McGee
  • james@montrealimprov.com

Education Team

  • Director - Lacy Alana
  • lacy@montrealimprov.com


  • Assistant Director - Mariana Vial


Associate - Kate Bradley


Venue Manager

  • Dale Bernier
  • dale@montrealimprov.com


Tech Manager

  • Kyle Allatt
  • kyle@montrealimprov.com

Trade Program Coordinator

  • Dale Bernier
  • dale@montrealimprov.com

Inclusion Coordinator

  • Sara Meleika
  • sara@montrealimprov.com


About Us!

Montreal Improv is an organization dedicated to promoting the art of improvised theatre

The company started teaching in 2008 and now the school has hundreds of students studying improv in one of the many classes currently being offered, with our specialty being narrative-based improv or improvised plays. In addition to the regular weekly classes, Montreal Improv also leads specialized workshops to improve group dynamics, public speaking and team building.

The theatre, opened in 2010 with co-founder Kirsten Rasmussen, hosts shows every Thu, Fri, Sat & Sun in both English and French. The company has sent members to Halifax, Ottawa, Toronto, Edmonton, Vancouver, Victoria, New York City, Austin, Boston, Philidelphia, Burlington, London, Cambridge, Brighton, Dublin, Paris and Antwerp to perform or teach.


BJ Walsh
Vinny Francois
Director & General Manager